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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a diffuser do on a light?

To diffuse is to spread out or scatter the light. This creates a softer light for you that is not as harsh as fluorescent bulbs.

That’s what a light diffuser does!

What is a diffused light?

Diffused light is soft light with neither the intense focus nor the direct glare hot light. 

It is scattered and therefore comes from all directions, making it seem to wrap itself around objects.

Why would you want to use light diffusers?

Light diffusers are something you probably use almost every day without realising it.

A diffuser gives your eyes some rest, gives a warm feel to your home and the scattering can help produce more even lighting. 

Plus, they also save your energy bills!

How do you make a cheap light diffuser?

DIY light diffusers are possible to create without the budget for fancy light diffuser panels or polycarbonate flat sheets.

Some of the materials can include:

  • a frosted shower curtain
  • a semi-transparent white sheet
  • a pillowcase
  • parchment or wax papers
  • IKEA blinds

Other household items include t-shirts, garbage bags and even printer paper, just remember to keep all flammable materials a few distance away from lighting unit that produces heat. LEDs don’t produce heat.

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